Saturday, April 25, 2009

To the Grandparent's House

To Grandmother's house we go. On the way, Princess and Pea were quite the rockers. Daniel turned the radio on "Sweet Child of Mine" by Guns and Roses and immediately the kids started jamming in the car.

Princess jamming out:
Shaking it:
Pea also jamming:
Arms in the air, everywhere:
This pic is of Princess showing me that she can be completely still:

We also heard, "Sweet Home Alabama," and Princess knew right when to sing. Then we made it to grandmaw, papaw, and Uncle Robby's house, where Papaw had made us a spaghetti dinner. After dinner, Pea and Cousin A went outside and rode the golf cart, and then they and Princess took turns in the tree swing. Pea was the most impatient, as he doesn't quite understand the concept of sharing just yet. Cousin A is quite the sweety though. He had no problem waiting. He is 5 months older than Pea, and is talking it up too. It is fun to watch the two of them in action together and even holding their own toddler conversation. What a pair! After playtime, we went back inside for cake.

Uncle Robby telling Grandmaw how he wants his cake frosted:
Cousin A playing cars with Pea
Pea playing cars on the couch where he almost fell backward onto the hardwood floor:
Princess eating cake:
Cousin A doesn't feel good and doesn't want any cake:
Pea ate too much spaghetti so he doesn't eat too much cake:
Cousin A and I talking about what's going on in the room.
We read Mickey Mouse over and over again!
The kids had a long day.
This is how they looked before we turned onto the road home.
How they looked only 10 minutes later, when we pulled into the driveway:

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