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I am Jamie, and it is nice to see you here.  I started Happy Harper Stories as a place to write life's stories, chronicle day to day activities with my family, and testify about the things God is doing in our lives.

I am an adopted child of the Most High King.  I am a princess who loves her Heavenly daddy.  His position and authority have given me position and authority. His banner over me is LOVE, sweet Love.  I am my beloveds and He is mine.  Most of all His love is deep and wide and high and long.  He is amazing and I hope you meet Him here.

I am a wife to Daniel.  We were married February 28, 2004, and it has been a journey.  I am his help-mate, but he is my help-mate as well.  I am so thankful to have him as my life-long helper, lover, friend, spiritual brother, head of our household.

We thought we would jump in over our heads and have children while we were still figuring things out in our marriage.  So one year after we got married, we got pregnant.  Now we have two girls and one boy.  Princess was born in December 2005, Speed Racer (also known as Pea when he was a baby) was born in July 2007, and our newest addition, DoodleBug was born in April 2010.  Each moment seems to last for an eternity (especially the difficult ones) and yet the years seem to fly by.  It is a strange paradox.

I am a stay at home mom.  I love to blog.  Sometimes, I HAVE to blog to get the wondering thoughts out of my head and onto this blog or to paper.  I love to cook - it's become a newer passion.  I especially love to bake.  I like to knit and crochet, though I take less time to do those things.  I am a life long learner.   I love to teach my kids new things and read to them.  The best part of motherhood is seeing things from the perspective of little eyes and minds.

I love new people and faces and ideas, so please stay a while, leave a comment and let us get to know one another.

You are loved by a King!


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