Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Raccoon Wars

So we have a raccoon living in the roof of our back porch, AND it likes to come down at night (when it's active of course) to visit our trash can next to our garage. It has succeeded to get into the trash can a few times to the point where our trash can handles have been broken off, and Hubs as rigged up some new handles using some rope. He even found a way to close it shut with some bungy cords, which kept the raccoon out for a while. However, as of late, that old raccoon has figured it out how to knock the can over and get in anyway. This has infuriated Hubby! Because who gets to clean up the lovely garbage mess Old Raccoon leaves? Yes, Hubby does. (I am glad that it is him and not me.)

So he's been fighting the raccoon wars, trying to invent new ways to defeat Old Raccoon.

Yesterday, Daniel bought a raccoon trap. In it, he put ham and some marshmallow fluff. While I was in the shower this morning, he says, "That old raccoon got the ham, AND he got out of the trap." Say what?

These are Daniel's words exactly, "That raccoon has defeated me at every turn!" I was laughing externally and internally, because how could I not blog about this now. Hubby has a plan to put the ham in the trap in such a way that the raccoon cannot leave. We will see what happens tomorrow morning.

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  1. You might have heard this... but my parents used the Have a Heart traps and placed sunflowers seeds (in the shell) all inside and on the ground underneath. It worked for about 5 or 6 racoons! They got relocated to our farm! ;)


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