Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Million Times to the Zoo?

We have a membership to the Birmingham Zoo. Although I have not blogged about each trip, we have been to the zoo three times this year already. the first time was on March 7, and this was the first time we used Pea's "monkey" leash. And, it was the first time we have taken Pea since he was big enough to really enjoy the animals, and he was amazed and loved it. We have found that he loves the llama. On that trip, the tiger came right up to him, and he had no fear! Here is a collage of the first trip:

The second trip was on March 21. This was our first time to ride the train in all of the times that we've been to the zoo. The kids loved it. And, both of the kids used some of "their" money to buy themselves a pet snake. Here's a collage of that trip:

Our third trip to the zoo was yesterday. Frankly, I was not excited about going to the zoo again. We thought about a couple of different things to do, but ultimately Princess was excited about going to the zoo, so that's what we did. The kids got to dig for dinosaurs this time, and we saw a zoo show, which we've never done before. We got to see certain featured animals, like a snake, a lizard, a ferret, and a cool little falcon bird. Before we went to the show, we made a stop to see the tiger, and as I said before, I wasn't too excited about the zoo yesterday. I kinda felt like I had seen everything and what could really be so interesting. However, we heard a great loud "ROAR." We wondered if it could be the lion or if it was coming from a speaker, but we hurried over to see the lion. He was ROARing up a storm, and it was magnificent. He was so loud and put on a show for us. Normally he is quiet and sleepy. Oh, but yesterday, He was KING of the Jungle (at the Birmingham Zoo). I was so glad I heard him, and of course, the kids thought it was spectacular too. Here's pics from yesterday:

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