Friday, May 30, 2008

Things about Me

Well, I kinda liked Jennifer's post about interesting things about her, so I thought I'd post some too. It was kinda fun and introspective to come up with this list.

  1. I am very good with direction and getting places, even strange ones.
  2. If I could do anything, I would most love to be a writer or author of books.
  3. I am somewhat adventurous - I was a summer missionary twice.
  4. Other than family, I've only been kissed by two men - one was a stranger I met at the beach when I was 16 and the other one is my husband.
  5. I can count the number of alcoholic beverages I had on one or both hands. I've never smoked, and I've never taken an illegal drug, and only seen one twice - once in college, at my roommate's boyfriend's friend's apt, and once at a concert.
  6. I've only been to a handful of concerts. It is rare for me to be able to name the band that's playing on the radio as I know very little about popular bands from my teenage years or from the years after I attended college. The only bands I know about are from my college years, and they are all Christian bands. My first concert was to Jars of Clay during my freshman year.
  7. Surprisingly, I wanted to major in music before my parents got me to change my mind, but it would have been the classical variety. I totally think it was the right decision, though I was heart broken at the time.
  8. I feel like I was made to be a mom. I don't think other moms should be so judgmental of other moms either. Unless you've walked a mile in somebody else's shoes, how do you really know that you could do it better?
  9. In front of a roommate, I told God that I passionately disliked him, though I used the h word, which I would never ever say again. He knew that I was lying to Him, that I would come out of the darkness and know Him even better for the going through the valley with Him. I am so glad to have His grace and know that He is a forgiving God. I wanted to take it back as soon as I said it.
  10. I used to hate being identified by my occupation as an engineer, but now that I'm just a mom, it's like people don't think I have an identity.
  11. I've never been popular and I've always felt like the odd one out. Though, now that I'm in my 30's I feel comfortable just being me. I have always felt like an older person trapped in a younger person's body. I'm starting to feel like the age I am. And even though someone is always judging my parenting, I feel more confident doing it than anything else I've ever done.
  12. When I was in 4th grade, my crush was Michael J. Fox. When I was in 6th to 9th, my major crush was my band teacher - Mr. Scott Thompson. (I could think of all kinds of ways that I was going to marry him). When I was in college, my crush was Dean Cain (Superman). After I graduated, I had a heartbreaking crush on a friend. Now, I just love my hubby.
  13. I love to read. If I could buy something for myself every day, it would either be shoes or a book.
  14. I love sweet tea and dark chocolate. I dislike, maybe even hate, other forms of chocolate.
  15. I am a cookie person not a cake person.
  16. I would secretly like to have as many kids as the Dugger family, and wonder if that is what God meant when He said, "Be fruitful and multiply." The thought never occurred to me that it might be wrong to have so many children. I am certain I will not have that many children, but I certainly think it is neat. And, yes, I still use the word neat.
  17. I have not broken a bone yet.
  18. I have a temper, much like my dad's, though not many people have seen it. When I was a teenager, I decided I didn't want to have a temper and stifled it. Now that I'm a mom and a wife, it comes out again.
  19. I have heard God speak to me in several ways, though I have become a bit of a skeptic when others say similar things.
  20. I think most people think I'm a snob, but I'm far from it. Just quiet, sometimes shy, and very observant. I usually always remember a face, and if you are remotely in my circle of places I frequent, I usually know your name and face, even though you probably don't know mine, and I can even remember details about you, like what you said to me last.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Shoe King

Having a baby boy is quite different from having a baby girl. As his God given personality, E is just so much more laid back than A is or was at his age. And there are days when I have to wonder if this has made me a worse mom to him. He is just so less demanding that I think he gets less attention, though the truth is that I love him so much, and I really do not want to have to choose how to divide my time between my two sweeties. On the days that I think about having more children, the thought that I could not spend enough quality time with a third nips it temporarily in the bud. Anyhow, E is a lot more active than A, although she was quite a mover herself. He loves to play with doorstops, big long objects, like rolling pins and the handle from my magazine basket, and shoes. The biggest shoe is the best shoe in E's opinion. He tries to carry them up and down the stairs - this is his favorite activity - though he hasn't mastered going down the stairs yet. Yesterday, I made the mistake of showing him how to get down the stairs, so now he wants to do that too, of course, even though technically, he is not ready to do so. Now that he has started pointing, it is a lot of fun to know more about what he wants and needs. Being able to communicate more and more is so much fun. He doesn't talk much yet, but I will be so excited when he does. I cannot believe he is already almost one!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My 2 Year Old Cinderella

Lately, my 2 year old has been obsessed with getting married and finding a husband. I was not quite ready for her to be thinking of this at 2 years of age. My sister introduced her to Cinderella, and every since then, she LOVES her. She pretends to be her all of the time. Of course, Cinderella needs a prince - she is "maweed" and therefore A thinks she needs to be "maweed" and have a husband too. Since daddy is already taken, she decided to take Tigger for her husband (under my very best advice). Anytime she dresses up, this is how it goes. "Mommy, let's get Tigger - he's my husband." She dances with him, and he "helps" her wherever she needs helping, and it is really cute and sweet. Hopefully, Daniel and I have the marriage she would one day want to have too.

Having a 2 year old, despite all of the hardships of the terrible twos is wonderful, delightful even. We are now able to have conversations, and everyday I am absolutely amazed at how much she knows and remembers. One of the things she said this morning was, "Abbe is sad." I asked her why, and she said "Because all of her cake is gone." She and I had made a special cake for my friend Abbe, but I kept a little bit of it since we had made it together, and it turns out that we had just eaten all of it yesterday, and today there was no cake, and A was sad.

I suppose this is scary too, because she is a little sponge. Last night, we made the mistake of flipping on the TV while "Million Dollar Baby" was on. Even though, she never saw anyone fighting or hitting one another, she picked up on what was going on, and proceeded to pretend to box - first me, then Daniel, then brother, and when all of us were found unacceptable, she resorted to teddy bear. This was a very serious thing, but it was also absolutely hilarious and hard not to laugh while she did this. Sometimes I think there is nothing as important as this wonderful time I have with her, even if the house stays dirty. Yet, reality says I must attempt tidiness, but I am jealous of this time I have with the kids and do not want it to be taken away by routine chores.

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