Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter update

This first pic shows Princess and Pea watching Bambi during Family Movie Night on Friday. We have gotten into the habit of doing a movie almost every Friday night. Pea is now at the age where he can sit still and watch for about 40 minutes, sometimes longer. I consider this an accomplishment. The second pic is of Princess and Pea in the bounce house at the Easter Festival we went to yesterday at Christ Church United Methodist. We took Aunt Julie and Cousin A and hunted eggs, bounced, decorated cookies, made crafts, and had free hot dogs, drinks and chips, while Daddy and Uncle Eric raced in Talladega.

The collage is of pictures from today, Easter. We had Easter dinner at my house. I thought that it was the best planned most organized event I've had at my house. We went to Easter service, and we had a written testimony on the screen about a man who said that the resurrection was all a lie, but at the end he accepted Christ, and everything was turned around. So the same testimony was then read backwards and it revealed the precious beauty of Christ's redemption. I was reminded of my Esther story. I am reminded of it almost daily and about how Christ almost always offers a reversal. I found a link to the video, so I am including it here:

Upside Down Easter Story from Dave Bookhout on Vimeo.

Anyhow, then we came home and got to cooking and organizing. Mom has joined my church, and she stayed to help with the nursery in the second service. We had mom, Jenn, Tanner, Eric, Julie, A, us, Robby, Sherri, Robby, and the Farrs from Michigan. We had a ton of food - ham, potatoes, green beans, corn, carrots, baked beans, deviled eggs, chicken, rolls, Easter cookies that Princess and I made, and strawberries and cream. After we ate, we hid eggs and hunted them in our yard. We ended up hiding too many and the boys were not very interested in finding the eggs yet. Princess and Aunt Jenn dyed eggs last night, so Princess only wanted to find the dyed eggs, but overall, great fun was had by all (I think).

It was such a great pretty day today - a day in which the Lord rose. He is risen. He is risen indeed! Oh, thank you, Lord, for the precious gift of You.

I invite everyone to come visit Valleydale Church. We are doing a series on Mythbusters - who is God really. It started today, and we have 4 more weeks of it. I think it will be really interesting.

Hope your Easter was awesome.

I did not explode any dishes this year. Last year I did.

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