Monday, April 13, 2009

Old Mother Hen

I would have to say that sleep is high on my list of priorities, but last night I got very little of it. I had trouble going to sleep due to some family stuff, and then a few hours later I awoke to what sounded like the roof blowing off and trees hitting the house. Hubby told me to go back to sleep. Considering the conversation we had a couple of days ago, I found this strange. I said I valued sleep oh the most in college, and he said that he valued people more in college meaning he stayed up if he wanted to. I guess I was boring, but I really love to sleep.

But here I was awake worrying about my babies who were sleeping upstairs closer to the trees while I was downstairs with hubs. It is just times like these when I am very glad that Hubby and I sleep in a king size bed. I got up to watch the weather to see that we were under a high wind advisory. No kidding! I went back to bed, but I just could not stand it. Hubby finally told me to bring the babies down, so I did immediately carrying each one totally asleep and putting both in the bed with us. Too bad for me that they both took up all the space and that I had like an inch left. :) It seemed that as soon as I placed them in the bed, the wind died away, and they continued to snore away. Eventually, I picked each one up and toted them back to their own beds, though I was so relieved to have them in the bed with me during the storm.

No, they are not afraid of storms, and generally, I am not either. However, with them being upstairs, they felt like an eternity away from me if something were to happen like a sudden tornado. Call me silly, but I have to protect my sweet babies. I couldn't help but thinking about the old mother hen story I learned in a past Beth Moore study. The hen covered her chicks with her protective wing while she died in a fire, but the chicks kept tightly under her wing survived. I felt like that old protective hen last night. Luckily the circumstances were hardly as dire.

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  1. this is my favorite story of all times!!!! I JUST LOVE IT SOOOOO MUCH!


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