Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Overheard from Pea

Pea just came over to me and frantically said the following:

Nack! (meaning snack)

Thinking I did not understand he said:
pood! (meaning food)

Thinking I still did not understand he said:
pup! (meaning cup)

Thinking I still did not understand he said:

I burst into some serious laughter, which is just what I needed today. I was being quieter than usual (because it's been a tough day) so that's why he didn't realize I knew what he meant in the beginning.

When he still didn't think I understood because I was laughing, he began screaming and whining
and pointing toward the kitchen and began having a meltdown . This lasted for a split second, because I began moving toward the kitchen, and a look of shear delight came on his little face. Poor hungry boy!

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