Saturday, April 25, 2009

Aldridge Gardens

Well, it is officially summer here in Alabama. I cannot even imagine how hot the summer months will be considering how hot it already is here.

Today, we went to Aldridge Gardens. The kids loved seeing the geese, fish, turtles, and even the snakes. We've already seen five snakes this year - all alive. I personally prefer the dead kind. This is a record for me, as I managed not to see any last year, and I am not excited to see any more snakes, seeing how the season just started. We saw two of the five today. The first snake we saw near the area where the kids were posed by the frog. The second snake we saw near the bridge after we took the family photo below, and both of them were swimming.

In the photos below, Princess was trying to be as still as possible in hopes that the beautiful butterfly would land on her head, but he never did.

After we left the Gardens, we headed over to the food court at the Galleria for lunch and a carousel ride. Then we came home for naptime. Tonight we are going to Grandmaw and Papaw's house to see cousin A, who is staying the weekend there so his mommy and daddy can get their home ready for his upcoming baby brother or sister.

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  1. Thanks so much for the info about these gardens. I think I had heard of them, but have never been. Once life returns to "normal" (whatever that means :), we might try a field trip there.


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