Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A New Phone

I got a new cell phone. Mine was very antiquated, but I went for the gusto choosing one that I do not really need, but hoping that it would still be frugal choice after we make some internet changes.

I am the proud owner of a blackberry curve. And I've got to say it is really nifty having the internet on your phone. Now I can check my blog updates right on my phone at any time. There is even free software to download to your phone to make it easier to do. It is kinda handy since we don't have wireless internet. The downside and plus side is that I have spent less time on the computer. That's a down side because I have not been pushed to blog, but it is plus side because it gives me back some time that was taken by sitting down to check facebook. Now, I can just glance at facebook for important updates throughout the day on my phone without getting sucked into the unnecessary parts of facebook. And I am actually keeping up with current events. And, I'm sorry, but I rarely know what's going on in the world, so it is nice to just to get a one line sentence on your phone telling you just enough to keep up. It also has a calendar, which was my favorite organizing device when I worked, so maybe I will be a better organized mommy too. One can hope. iPods and blackberrys - what crazy alien has taken over me?

Anyway....I think it is very cool. I will not let it stop me from blogging, and hopefully we can frugalize this way, although I think I may have to change my email address eventually. :(

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