Saturday, April 4, 2009

Spring is Here!!

I love spring. I love planting new plants and watching for the old ones to come out of the earth like a brand new surprise. I love the dogwoods and how they are hidden in the woods everywhere, but you never know until spring when you see their beautiful white (and sometimes pink) flowers popping out in the midst of the woodsy areas - just a little surprise for all of us to enjoy. Luckily I live on a cul-de-sac, and out our back door is the woods. It reminds me of being in the country, instead of the city, where we really are. We often see deer, rabbits, and sometimes groundhogs, and all the usual suspects for the woods, including snakes - yuck. I am not the best gardener in the world, but I kinda love my little plants and flowers.

This pic shows my impatiens that Sarah gave me as a gift for allowing her to borrow some toys. She's my married-without-kids friend who occasionally keeps her good friend's little girl and borrows toys from her friends-with-kids, which I am one of. You can visit her hubby's blog here. The big bush underneath is in our big beautiful azalea in the front yard. The little red ones to the right are also azaleas that we planted last year. To the right of that are our mailbox flowers - bachelor buttons, vincas, and more. Above that one is my little rose bush that I love and planted last year. I got it from the Botanical Gardens sale, and it is like a little treasure that I dote over. It sits near the big azalea in our yard. It is supposed to get very big as well, so I like to see it grow. To the left of that is our viburnum. Above the viburnum is another azalea that is located on the driveway. The tulips are Princess's. She and Daniel planted them together. That location is her flower bed alone so we plant all kinds of fun things in there for her. Above the tulips are the new gerber daisies I bought this year. Now I will have 7. I am collecting more and more each year to put in the bed in front of the house. I love daisies. Last year I planted a different variety but they have not flowered yet. Beside the daisies are our lenten roses planted in the shady backyard.
This collage is of my closeups of the flowers in bloom right now and the new growth coming up out of the ground from things we planted last year - hostas, azaleas, bachelor buttons, tulips, daffodils, roses, carnations, astilbe, ferns, gerber daisies, and blueberries.

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