Tuesday, October 21, 2008

She's at Home Now

Well, early Saturday morning, Oct 18th, my granny went home to be with Jesus, and I am so thankful that this is the case, and that I could pray knowing full well that she would be going home to heaven, and no where else. I choose to remember her the way she was in this picture, holding my sweet Princess. She was born on Dec 7, 1923, and she was 84 years old. She was married to my PaPa for 61 years, and she loved the Lord more than any one I know. His name was always on her lips. She was often a fearful person, and we were worried that she was fearful of going to heaven, but all of her life choices speak volumes that she was not afraid. I know that her prayers for me have guided me in ways she never knew on this side and is only beginning to know on that side. I am sad not to be able to speak to her, but I am also so very happy to know that her suffering is over, and she is absolutely healed. All of my life, she had trouble with her feet, and in the end, it was her feet that finally took her life. Those beautiful feet fit with the readiness of the gospel, those feet are so healed, and they are dancing with Jesus. Perhaps it is just my imagination, but I see her dancing and talking to all the people who have gone before her. She's meeting Moses, and Elijah, and all of those in the hall of faith. And I am so sorry to lose such a beautiful woman, but so happy to know where she is.
I love and miss you, Granny! Thank you for leaving me with a strong spiritual heritage.
For more on my granny's life with me, visit this post.
The funeral yesterday was hard because she and I had such a special relationship, and because of that, I was mindful of special memories brought to life through the hymn played on the piano and her desire to be called, G. G. G. - Great Granny Gladden.
We ended up taking the kids with us to the visitation and funeral, and I have found that a few of you think this is strange, but my daughter knew Granny, and we used it as a teaching opportunity. I believe all of life is a chance to teach and to teach truth. Although, I hardly knew how to teach some it, I believe children are amazing and my Princess amazes me with her insight and ability to learn.
I took her to see Granny for the last time. Princess said this:
"She's asleep, and she's not going to wake up. She's with Jesus now, but we are with Jesus too. Bye, Granny!" I explained a little more about the separation between us and her. Then she touched her hair and curled up into my PaPa's lap. I believe God has an amazing ministry planned for my little girl.

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  1. Jamie,

    We join you in celebrating the faithfulness of Granny and her spiritual legacy that lives on in you and in Princess.
    Sarah and I will be praying God's continued comfort for you and your family.


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