Thursday, October 16, 2008

Raking and a Sad First

Tonight, Princess helped daddy rake the yard, and Pea thought his pumpkin (the one in the upper left corner) was a ball, so he proceeded to say "Ball" and throw it all over the yard, even though daddy got the football out for him. I was expecting to take a picture of a smashed pumpkin, but indeed, it survived, this day at least. My pumpkin is the white one. The orange and green one is Princess's, and the other one is daddy's, and it will be the one we carve. I might paint mine.

If you will notice, there is a picture with Princess's hand stuck in a bowl of water (along with a pitcher, which is one of Pea's favorite toys). She had her first major injury - she got burned on a skillet today. She has always been so good around the stove, but nevertheless, we did not meet Target Zero at this house, but it was just minor, and we won't have any lost time over it. ;)

The last pic is the soup we had tonight. Daniel felt it should be documented, so I include it here - it is black and white bean soup and was very healthy and yummy.

And some very sad news, granny has been ordered nothing by mouth - including food and drink. She did not want to have a feeding tube, so she'll be with Jesus anytime now. I hate the thoughts of her suffering - please pray she'll go home quickly.

Sadly and prayerfully,

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  1. I just stopped what I was doing and prayed. I hope your loved one will go home soon. I prayed the same thing for my mom. She passed peacefully.

    We are getting leaves too! I am so glad to see the cooler weather head our way.


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