Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Fig Newtons

My children, especially Pea, think that fig newtons are the best thing invented to eat. Now that Pea has gotten his appetite back, he has become a little hog again. These pics were taken Sunday. Now the thing you need to know is that Pea had already eaten quite a bit of food for just getting over a stomach virus, and he had already had one fig newton. Princess had not eaten anything in a few days, and since newtons are fat free, and she wanted it, we thought she might be okay eating one. We gave her a bite, and she decided we wanted the rest of it, and at this point, Pea had just finished all of his. When he saw her getting one, he had a fit. He is real big into fits these days (15 months old) and gets furious when he doesn't get "his way." That's an aside, but these pics are of him getting a second fig newton. *sigh*

PS. We are STILL recovering from the virus!


  1. what a sick face Princess makes.

  2. I miss my sweeties soooo much...I need to see them SOON!!


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