Friday, October 24, 2008

Catching Up

Sorry to all my loyal readers who have been missing my blogs. I've been a little tired lately, and trying to take care of some things in the house. I am so tired that I often think I have a condition (and this is not a recent feeling), but as far as I know it is only mommyhood.

Princess has completed her first "long" chapter book. I read it to her of course. It is called "School's Out!" by Wanda E. Brunstetter. It is about an Amish family and particularly a little Amish girl named Rachel. We hope to get the next book in the series, but for now, we have started Pippi Longstocking. She already thinks it's great! You might think it a little strange to be reading such an advanced book at this stage, but I think reading and reading on an advanced level is that important. Besides, it is Princess's favorite thing to do, and it is something we can share together, and I get to read fun and interesting kid's books at the same time.

Pea is also gaining knowledge. He is talking more and more. He recognizes a lot of his animals, and he has started recognizing stars, which seems impressive to me. He says "tawr" for "star", and a similar sound for "car." He also said his first two word phrase - "my ball." He knows some body parts, but I can't seem to make it interesting enough to teach him very much at a time. And he has started using a fork fairly well. He is also starting to sit (or stand, so he can quickly move on to something else) and watch a little TV - Sesame Street. I always like Sesame Street as a beginning show because it teaches them so much - not that I advocate a lot of TV at this age. Pea watches less than 30 minutes, which is a lot, especially for a busy body like him. Princess watches up to 90 minutes - she could watch for hours, but I don't let her. And Pea has started climbing down stairs while standing up a little on his own, mostly while holding my hand. He knows he could fall, so he likes the safety of holding my hand. He is as always very loving and affectionate and very independent. He is also prone to injury, and currently, he is prone to fits. He is very jealous of Princess and wants to communicate very badly (thus the fits).

Princess knows all of her letters and recognizes them on sight. She knows both upper and lower case, though we have to review them to keep them in her memory well. Princess is also very good at math. I am amazed at her ability to add and subtract, even though she doesn't know that's what she is doing, of course. We've started using some new materials for math and she is starting to recognize more and more of her numbers too. I have tried to branch out into to other subjects like science and social studies, but only a little bit, and only occasionally. She is also learning bible verses - we usually keep to the ones we learn at church, but I add to them for teaching purposes every now and then.

If I think of more, I'll add later...

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  1. Don't they just grow up so fast? My daughter is 13 months old and I am already starting to forget what it was like to have one that couldn't walk...


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