Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Harper Family Hero

Cue music from the "someone special" song from Higglytown Heroes
Imagine your kids have had a horrible stomach virus, and you have not left your home with them in days. But today, it is time for flu shots, and it is raining torrential sheets and buckets of rain, and you have to help two small children safely to the car, to their car seats, and then to the doctor's office, and then back to the car...

It sounds like a job for someone special....

Princess and Pea sing:
"Someone special, who could it be?
This job's too big for you and me.
We need some help.
But never fear-o.
It looks like a job - for a Harper family hero.
A Harper Family Hero!

Mommy Jamie sings:
I'm a Harper family hero, brave and true.
I help the family with the things I do.
So look real hard and you will see
That you can be a hero, just like me!
A hero just like me.

When the kids are sick and laundry seems the only thing to do,
I'll keep them happy by singing the cow says Moo.
When you've gotta get a flu shot
and the rain is all you've got,
grab the umbrella and plan,
to dash from the van,
as fast as you can,
and then we'll all stay dry,
and there'll be nooo time to sigh! nooo, time to sigh!
Yes, I'm a Harper family hero, bold and good,
I help my family, just like I should.

Singing altogether now:
So we'll work together, that's what we'll do,
So we can be a hero
just like you (like me)
a hero just like you!

cue Higglytown (I mean Harper family) fireworks.


  1. will be there soon as possible to relieve you....I think you have gone a little nuts...just kidding...Me and Tanman were rolling!!!
    Love you lots,
    Hope the kids are feeling better!!
    I will call you in the am!

  2. I just got my flu shot too! Pooey on my sore arm.

  3. what did we (moms in general) talk about and associate stuff with before the kids were born?

  4. Is it sad that I actually "sang" that post in my head instead of read it?

  5. Alison, it's not as sad as me writing it. lol! :)


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