Friday, October 3, 2008

Consignment shopping and my sick Princess! :(

Alas, I went to the consignment preview sale for some wholesome crazy shopping for used clothes. I have never seen so much craziness - well, maybe. Anyway, my time slot to go in was 6 o'clock last night, so my husband rushed home from work so we could have a minute amount of family time before I had to go participate in the craziness. I crazily got there and stood in line before the door opened for my time slot. Then, alas, contributor numbers 201 through 400, rushed in the door, only to find 200 contributors already in there with their stuff spread out all over the floor.

Each one of us rushed to our priority find - some of us needed a backpack, some of us wanted to find a Disney princess castle, and some of us just needed clothes. After perusing the toy section, as quickly as I could, and bumping into an old coworker's wife who Praise is the Lord is finally having her first baby, I traveled swiftly and hurriedly to the boys clothes. I hate to look at every item one by one because there are literally hundreds of thousands of items to see. But, I did my best, even though the boys items are really kinda grungy in my opinion. Then I hurried over to the girls section. I found tons of cute dresses and jumpers.

Then I looked at shoes, and I must confess I did poorly in the shoe selections I made. Pea will probably quickly outgrow his and Princess will have a similar shoe in 3 different sizes, because I haven't ever had her foot genuinely sized and different brands are different, and I don't know which is what!!

Then I made my way back to the toys and to the videos and books section. I've never purchased videos, and we own almost no children's videos of our own, so I made a mad dash through the DVD section to see if I could find anything. I was so proud of my find - Eric Carle's The Hungry Caterpillar. And I managed to get a couple of others for only a couple of dollars - hope they play well. I also scored some Disney princess books, which Princess cannot help but LOVE, of course.

Then, I made my way over the Halloween costumes knowing they would not have what I want, but hoping that they would have something I could add to and make my own for my Pea. So I picked something - we'll see how it works.

Then I sorted. Then I put 4 items back (yes, only 4). Then I went down the boy's aisle again, and then I got in line.

I just don't have enough boys long sleeve tops. I have no Christmas toys yet. And no nicey nice Christmas outfit for either one. I might just make do with what I have or check ebay.

So I went to the sale without a cell phone. And I came home to find my sweet Princess laying on the couch. She, too, had gotten the tummy virus. And we proceeded to stay up almost all night helping her to the bathroom. It was so SAD! Of course, she slept in our room. This morning, we watched cartoons most of the day, and she's already got some appetite back, which we are still working on with Pea. But, this afternoon we built a sheet fort and had some old fashioned fun just the 3 of us.

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