Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Football and Coaches

Where to start? Well, I went to Auburn University when I was a college student. Therefore, I am an Auburn fan, and Auburn is in a bit of trouble this year with the football team. If you visit my friend, Josh's blog, you will see that there is talk of firing the football coach, Tommy Tuberville. I am about to give you my personal opinion on football and firing coaches and how I view it. Keep in mind it is just my two cents, it's a pet peeve of mine, and that I am no expert on any matter football related.

Here's the deal: I hate all things political when it comes to football. Why when a team has a bad year does that mean that we have to go and fire the coach? Why do we feel it is our right to crucify him? I felt the same way when Alabama got rid of Coach Shula. I mean, a coach, is a human, bound to make mistakes. Last time I checked we were all human, so we are going to have bad years. I'm a stay at home mom, but if I got fired for just trying to do my job and I had a bad year, umm, well, there wouldn't be any mothers left, I don't think. Why is it that a football coach must be perfect? Why do we like to condemn them so easily? So he's had a bad year - why does that mean he should be fired? I don't get it. Is there no grace and mercy in the football world? Now I know that a lot of people may not be Christians that are indeed football fans, but what does it truly say about our hearts when we beg for a football coach to be fired? How can anyone with good conscience ask for another human being to be jobless?

I just think of these situations as modern day witch hunts. When we get a new "football Savior", I guarantee you, he'll eventually fail, and he won't be the answer.

Thank goodness God is merciful, is gracious, is loving, and kind. Thank you, Lord, that You, are enough, that You are the Answer, that You can survive all kinds of death and rise again!

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