Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Toothy Pea

Pea has gotten teeth much slower than Princess - he barely had 4 on his first birthday. He got his first 2 teeth at 8 months, and it took 4 months to get another set of 2. Now he is getting another about 3 1/2 months later. So he has 6, but he is working on having 8 soon. I've heard that the slower they get teeth the better, but for a hungry meat eating boy, I'm ready for the teeth to get here.

And for an overdue update on Pea, as of the second week of October, he weighed 20 lbs, and we were able to face the seat forward. Actually, we were going to let him ride backwards for a little longer, but he seemed fussy so we thought we would see what happened if we changed his seat. He is a little happier, until he runs out of toys and books to throw in the floor or until he can no longer steal whatever Princess happens to be holding.

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