Thursday, May 21, 2009

Wanting to Hear Your Thoughts!

I'm out of town and thus my blog will be quiet this week, but I've been doing some thinking, and I am still thinking. I would love to hear your thoughts on the following questions. Please leave me a comment, even anonymously if you would prefer, about your thoughts on the following question.

When you think about your circle of influence, the people you come into contact with regularly, your friends, your coworkers, your family members, Christians or non-Christians, do you think most people really care about others over themselves? Do you value others over your self? How do you feel that you display your caring or value of others to them? Do you notice a difference in this selfishness or lack of selfishness in your Christian circle or do you feel it stretches equally over Christians and non-Christians alike?

Please please participate. Think about this and leave me some feedback. Please feel free to leave an anonymous comment.


  1. I am not more concerned with the needs of others as much as my own by a long shot. There are brief moments that constitute exceptions, or at least the appearance thereof.
    Amongst the circle of folks I encounter, I do see better examples of putting the needs of others ahead of one's own than I exhibit. I see it pretty evenly from Christians and non-Christians alike. I always find it more noticeable, and maybe a little convicting, when I see a non-Christian act selflessly.
    - Josh

  2. Jamie, it's funny because I have thought about this question alot lately. I am not part of an American church (being overseas), but the contact that I do have and the online interaction I have leads me to believe that American Christians are stingy. That is how I would describe them. We give out of our excess (time, money, and service); but for the most part, we are self seeking and self serving. Goodness, a church can't grow unless we put on programs, conferences, and offer free gift wrapping!

    I have to check my own life and heart as I examine the church at large. I don't want to have the beam in the eye so to speak.

    Am i wrong about this? I would really like to know!

  3. Hi Jamie,

    I got your message about what my input so here I am. Love your site look by the way! :D

    Well in answer to your post; I personally, speaking only about myself, think of others ahead of myself. Most of the time, however, not all of the time.

    I admit that I have my days, hours, or moments when I am at the grocery store and all the lines are full and the cashiers are short staffed....I admit I rush my way hurriedly to get to the shortest line the fastest I can push my cart, even if that means rolling over a few toes with my cart along the way. (Actually I've never really hurt anyone before or rolled over their toes); but my point is that yes, at times I have to seek God and ask Him to put me 'in check' for being a well rounded witness outdoors, where strangers view me in the raw, and then inevitably see my Christian sticker on the back of my vehicle. Yup, then I feel convicted and like a fool.

    I think that the problem is that before I was a Christian myself I would critique other's who claimed to be Christian themselves, watching every move they made looking for errors in their ways, yet now that I myself am Saved through Jesus' loving grace I can say that living the Chrisitian life is one of real human trial and error, mistakes, regrets, and imperfections. The problem?

    Like I said before I was a Christian I watched others who professed they were one themselves just waiting for them to fail. Which is what is what I try to remember myself, that there may be another non-saved soul how I once was who is also watching me the way I once watched others.

    Anywho, thanks for including me in your conversation piece. Sorry I took a day to get to it, but I do try when other's ask. I love your site again....did I already say that?

    Blessings and hugs to you Jamie!!

    Your friend,
    Sarah Cecilia

  4. Well, I did not get as much conversation in this piece as I wanted. One comment probably said it all and it came from facebook, "No! They're my thoughts and you can't have any."

    I asked because I believe God is going to use these questions in my mind to work in me in a big way. I have begun to do more research, and I hope to tell you more as it unfolds, because I am waiting to see what God says to do next.

    I think we are selfish with our thoughts, with our transparency, with being real. We are too afraid of looking the wrong way or being outcast to say anything. We seem to be too self involved and busy with our own lives to bother with the lives of others. This means community dies and the body of Christ is not lived out. There is only the here and now, and we are commanded to love others as we love ourselves. Can you imagine the type of community we would have if we actually loved this way?

    Heidi, where are you from originally? Are you American? I think you have made some accurate observations, but I cannot say that it is true of the American church as a whole. In the past, it could be said of my church, but for the time being, more have been giving since the economy is down. I do think it is generally true of Americans as a whole. We have an abundance and we think it is due us. Of course, I do not feel this way, but I stand guilty as an American. I've just recently noticed that it seems rare to find those of genuine concern, those who place themselves in "someone else's shoes" so to speak. I want to be wrong about this, but I'm not sure...

    Anyhow, thanks for your thoughts!


I love to receive your thoughts. I am blessed and encouraged by them. May God bless your day today!


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