Monday, May 11, 2009

I'm a little Crazy today...

On a whim tonight, I decided to move Pea's bed into Princess's room and make it "their" room. It took about 10 minutes longer than usual to settle them down, but they are quiet, and I think, asleep right now, so that is a positive sign. There are a few reasons why I did this. The main reason would have to be that I need a room where there are absolutely NO toys. Why you ask? One, because I need Pea to go to asleep when it is nap time, and two, I need a safe place to put Princess during timeout. It has no reason whatsoever about a possible third child.

Princess is very aggressive when upset. I know you think she's sweet and smart and all that stuff, but thankfully God has given me wisdom to see that she likes to fight me and that she wants me to give her negative attention. Thus, I know that I have to separate myself from her or I will be driven to "fight" her so to speak. I can ignore her behavior, but she will attack me anyway. I walked away from her one day after she got upset, and she came after me to hit me. However, the ignoring of it seemed to do much better than reacting, so my main goal is to never yell and always remain calm, which can sometimes be hard to do. She does not stay on a naughty spot. When placed in a room to calm down, she will leave the room and come after me again. Sometimes the best thing is for me to lock myself in my room. I'm teasing, but only slightly. In all seriousness, her room is child protected, so that she cannot leave it now, and I will have a place to punish her so to speak. I pray that all of you reading will never have to go through what I do with her, but then again, I wish you had an inkling of what it is like too. I am trying to focus on positive rewards and give high praise as much as possible.

Please leave a comment letting me know that you will commit to pray for me for three things: one our mission trip to Arizona - I need lots of prayer about the plane ride with Pea and Princess's continued behavioral problems. Two, that Princess will learn to go to the potty all of the time consistently. She has regressed so much, I don't know what to do most of the time. I actually put her back in diapers for a few days, which she hates. It is on days that she has an accident that she rebels or on rebellious days that she has "accidents." The two seem to go hand in hand. I've stopped any kind of discipline associated with the potty other than the wearing of diapers. Third, and the main thing, that Princess would just want to obey. If she would obey, we would not have potty traumas. She would go when I asked her too instead of waiting until she can no longer wait.

I thank the Lord for YOU, my readers, even when I don't know you are reading, :)


  1. Sounds like you are taking the right approach and seeing things from a bigger perspective. Praying for you and princess :)

  2. Definitely praying for your requests.


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