Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Dozen Roses

What must one do to receive a dozen roses?

First, you decide to wait on God's timing for a mate.

Then, your future mate buys a house.

Then, he proposes, and you get married and move into his house.

You realize that there are beautiful rose bushes in your yard and that your hubby loves to take care of them.

You wait, even up to 5 years, for the roses to get bigger and better each year until the roses begin to produce an incredible crop.

Then you pick a dozen roses at the peak of their bloom,
and voila, a beautiful treat straight from God.

Yes, these roses came from our yard. Aren't they gorgeous?

I suppose that there is a life lesson in these roses.
When you wait on God, He always produces a beautiful crop!


  1. all part of the plan my dear.

    You fell right into the trap!

  2. Beautiful roses, Jamie. And roses are a wonderful picture of life - the beauty of the rose shines in spite of its thorns, just like God wants to shine through us in spite of life's troubles.


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