Sunday, May 24, 2009

New Floors and updates

I am loving my new floors. Ladies and Gents, I got new hardwood floors and that nasty old carpet is gone. I can be proud of my home once again and stop stalking the housing websites every so often, because mine is home once again. This week was a busy one. On Monday, we got new floors in the foyer, living, room, hall, and dining room. How I wish you could come over and enjoy them with me. I totally rearranged the dining room, and feel like I have a whole new lease on life. Amazing what a little clean spot can do for you.

Wednesday, Princess had her last swimming lesson, and the kids and I headed to the beach with my mom and sister. We stayed at Orange Beach, and I don't have any pics, because the weather was not ideal. I couldn't wrangle the kids in the freezing water and take pics of them too. :( Princess really took off in the pool. During the lessons, she was not near as confident, but with me, she was a fish, totally confident and swimming mostly on her own. I am a proud mama. Pea on the other hand had forgotten about the pool and was a little skittish this year compared to last year. We stayed on the beautiful beach in a beautiful, spacious condominium, and I got to sleep in a king bed with both of my babies. I was so tired that I probably did not appreciate the sleeping with the kids like I should have. I greatly missed my teammate and all things the better half of me, my hubby, Daniel. I've got it good - I've got it real good to have him as my partner and friend. We had fun hanging out with mom and Jenn and eating seafood and shopping. We got home yesterday.

After church today, I put together some quiet time bins that I saw on Keeper of the Home. I am really excited about getting to use them on Tuesday. The new floors have really helped me organize, and the house feels so spacious. The kids are sharing a bedroom, and life is all coming together. I mean Princess is still a drama queen, and Pea is still a whirlwind of motion, but I'm figuring it out, slowly but surely... :)

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