Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Who I Am

I thought I would attempt to tell you about myself, though I imagine it will not be for me an easy thing to do. "Know thyself" said by some ancient Greek person (we don't know who for sure, but I thought it was Socrates) is easier said than done, although as you've seen in my blog posts, I attempt to answer that question in many ways.

I am a Christ follower. I was raised in a Christian home. I asked Jesus to be in control of me when I was in 4rd grade and multiple times thereafter, as I didn't get baptized (immersed under the water) until I was a senior in high school (already 18). Even though I grew up Baptist, it was not readily clear to me that I could be saved without being baptized. From an early age, I wanted to LIVE my Christian life out loud, so that it was not just something I grew up in, but that ALL knew it was my life, my very breath.

I am a wife. I was married on February 28, 2004. My husband is Daniel. We met at work, and I honestly was not attracted to him in a marriage commitment kind of way until God opened my eyes to it. He was not a Christian when we met, but alas, we became friends, and I prayed for him for a long time. Before we married, I went through a period of spiritual darkness. To explain it, I felt like God had forgotten me and had forsaken me. I felt all alone. I guess I was the closest to being rebellious more so than any other time in my life. But I saw God work in me in the midst of my dark times. Just when my life was the darkest, he began opening my eyes and showed me through a dream that I would marry Daniel. This was bizarre to me because at that time he was still not a Christian, and I was only going to marry a Christian man with similar beliefs as me. Through God's wisdom, and not mine, Daniel became a transformed man, and we were later engaged and married. Though I longed for marriage, I honestly believed I would be a single woman missionary doing something wild in another country for God.

I am a mommy. My daughter was born on December 2, 2005, and my son was born on July 13, 2007. They are 19 1/2 months apart, which can cause chaos. God has continued to teach me even more through my kids.

Things that I love: I love teaching my children. I love watching them learn. I love to share what Christ means to me to anyone who is interested. I love adventures, both big and small. I love to read. I love to dance and sing (when no one else outside of my kids and hubby can see). I love to write. I love to read blogs of those who were in my past but other than the blogs are not really in my present. I love deeply friends and acquaintances and people that I have wanted to know truth for years and years, though I do not think many share my love in return. I love to comtemplate and am rarely without a thought, though usually without a voice. I have usually been very thoughtful of my words before saying them. However since working and since being in a new family culture where you must stand up or fall down, I do occasionally speak whatever I'm thinking without editing. (Instead I edit it for hours and days later about how I shouldn't have said that!)

I am good with direction and usually adapt to new places well. I remember faces for almost forever, and usually remember details like names, though not always. If I am being me instead of adapting to the world around me, I am quiet. And when I am quiet, I can usually read people very well. I have been surprised to learn that some people unlike myself do not comtemplate their world or go deeper than surface level. I adapt fairly well to new cultures, but it is harder for me to understand the person who does not want to dig deeper.

In another life, I was a civil engineer. Now I stay at home as wife and mommy. However, I am at heart a world missionary, who always sees the "world" right here in Alabama, even at home.


  1. Jamie! I didn't know you had a blog - so exciting. I think we are living parallel lives after reading through a few posts!

    I just added you to my reader, so I'm looking forward to keeping up with your family!

  2. Hi Jamie,

    I got your 'Kontact' through my email and I added your button like you asked. I think that's a great idea to have in mind. Would you be willing to add my blog button as well off of my site? It's on the left sidebar titled 'God's Not finished with us yet...' I think we both can offer a lot to readers on how to know of Him and how He can heal broken hearts. Unlike you being raised in a Christian home I was my life was quite the opposite (It's in my testimony tab), however God called me to Him even before I knew.

    My 5 yr. old daughter, nicknamed, 'Ms. Jewel' recently asked Jesus into her heart and I so badly wanted to make sure she understood w/o pressurizing her but allowing her to desire it herself, which she did. Feel free to read about it under April's Archive.

    I had to laugh at the part of who you are because when I was
    reading your "Who I Am"; the part about not being attrated to your husband. Except for me I wasn't just not attracted by simply didn't like him; that is until we became close friends and through 3 yrs. of friendship we learned we both love Jesus, were silly and goofy a lot, and God just worked it out. Funny though because I fought God when my husband began to ask me to go out with him. I fought God because I am older than he is and I had never dated another man younger than myself; it just wasn't the norm. The problem? We got along so wonderfully and helped witness to another co-worker together, who is now saved by the grace of God.

    I also, like you, feel I have a gift of discernment with people. I can read others pretty good and get that 'check' in my heart if somethings not right.

    Also, just to add one more thing....

    One of my tabs is listed as 'God Spoke' because He did. I haven't pulled out my old binder yet but there were many of dreams I had (mostly dreams), and just one vision.....I typed them all up years ago and it's this tab is not listing my dreams yet. I did write some warnings on there though, but I get so busy that I can't seem to find the time to write them in that tab, but I know God will provide the time and give me the 'nudging' on doing so.

    Anywho, glad to meet you and I think I wrote waaaay to long!

    Friends through Him,


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