Thursday, September 11, 2008

Just call me a sucker...

Apparently, since becoming a stay at home mom, I feel the need to say yes to every call I get offering free coupons or presentations in my home. Maybe I've tried to become a little too frugal! The first time, it was a water filtration system. The nice lady on the telephone told me they would come test my water for free and give me grocery coupons just for letting them test the water. It never occurred to me that they might be wanting to sell me something - never mind that it was during the dinner hour and took not just 10 minutes as expected but 2 hours and then we said no. It feels really bad to say no to the hard working sales lady who has spent so much time in your home showing you exactly why you do need a water filtration unit attached to your house.

And then, of course, there was today. The door bell rang. After a little suspicion I answered the door to a lady, who said that as a result of a new vacuum cleaning business opening down the street, Kirby, they wanted to offer people a free demonstration and carpet cleaning. Well, if there is one thing I want really bad, it is new carpet!! Mine is in extremely bad condition, though the nice salesman assured me he has seen worse. I said yes, because it was FREE carpet cleaning, which I desperately need, but there was a salesman involved. I am so gullible, I guess. Daniel could just kill me. The nice lady said well in 20 minutes someone will be by to clean your carpet and it won't take long. So 20 minutes later, no one had come, but my husband was at home. And, we had one kid at Nana's house and wanted to take advantage of our time as a family of 3. But, no such luck. Here comes the Kirby van to drop off my salesman and carpet cleaner. Now, little did I know that he was going to demonstrate a vacuum, every imaginable part that goes with it, and the carpet cleaning too. It took 2 hours! Though I must say that was the best vacuum ever!!! And it was certainly worth the money, but we do not sign up for payment plans ever, so we again did not buy the Kirby vacuum. I really wanted it, because by golly, he had to work really hard, but he got my nasty carpet CLEAN! If we had a budget for a Kirby, we would have one in the closet today. I again felt so bad for having a salesman come in. If I had realized the gimmick at the appropriate time, I would not have wasted his time!

By the time he was finished though, it was past dinner time, and we had not eaten a thing! I felt awful!

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