Sunday, September 7, 2008


This was a challenging weekend. Princess has become quite difficult. We went to artwalk, and at the end of it, we got popsicles from the ice cream truck. We thought this would be a fun treat for everyone, but instead it was not. She did not want whatever we decided to get for her, I guess. We handed her the popsicle and instead of eating it, she just looked at it. We told her to eat it and started walking, and then, she starting screaming, blood curdling screams to the top of her lungs (on a very crowded busy street). I stopped to see what the problem was, but she was only able to scream, not talk. I decided that maybe she wanted mine and offered her a bite, but she refused, so I picked her up and kept walking. Mine ended up falling on the ground, so I ended up with no treat, and then of course, she said mommy I want a bite. Scream, scream, scream! when I told her it was gone. And hers was still melting. At one point, I took it and began eating it myself - cleaner that way, but still I kept saving her some until it melted away.

Then my mom and I preceded to get into an argument, when all I was doing was trying to relay the story to her. I was naturally upset because I am sad to see ungratefulness in my daughter's heart, and very little actually seems to work in regards to discipline these days. It takes me a while to process my thoughts, thus the reason I write. But I mentioned it, and it was handled poorly on both our parts. I just needed some encouragement and hope.

And today we saw Princess in action at church. Not a pretty sight when she gets together with her best friend. She has some compassion but very little.

My main struggle is relating to my daughter. While she has many similarities to me, she is very different as well. I just want to know and understand her and help her to walk in obedience and respect for people and things, which will hopefully lead to an obedience and respect for God. She needs a lot of attention, and Pea needs less, but he demands it, because he's so much busier. I think she feels neglected. And I think that's what motivates the negative behavior. It is hard not to feel a little guilty, even though I so very glad to be blessed with both of my children. So I'm going to do the best I can about keeping structure, and see how that goes with improving things for her.


  1. Your blog often makes for very educational reading for someone who aspires to be a parent.

  2. Well, I hope it doesn't scare you into not becoming a parent! I hope to look back on these stories and laugh, even though, it's not funny right now!

    And just so everyone knows, we don't give the kids popsicles regularly, so she should've been happy to get anything, AND, she did get disciplined for her behavior.


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