Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Choices and Consequences

You might find it strange, but we have a rule in our home that you must try everything on your plate - just one bite (it used to be two bites). Princess used to be the best eater, but she has become pickier. So anyhow, since we have not come up with a better consequence, the consequence for not eating a bite and obeying the rule, is going to time out after dinner. I explained to Princess that she had a choice - either she tried the spinach with only one bite one taste and obeyed mommy and daddy or she did not try the spinach and had to go to time out or the naughty spot, as we call it.

As I was explaining it to her, I realized that almost all choices in life can be put in these turns. Either you obey and reap the benefits, or you disobey and reap the consequences. A lot of times we do not know the benefits/rewards or the effects/consequences our choices will make. But Scripture is very clear about the benefits of obeying God and the effect disobeying has. And eternity is placed in these terms. Either you obey, follow, believe and accept Christ, and spend eternity with Him with the rewards of obedience or you do not obey, follow, or believe, and you spend an eternity without God.

I think God is shaping within me a real stick-to-it-ness for the parenting of my children during this Believing God bible study. I am experiencing hope, and I believe that if I stick to my discipline methods and stay consistent, I will see results. It might be a while, but I will see them none the less.

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