Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Fall

My favorite seasons are fall and spring, but fall is a sad time of year to me. It makes me think of my dad more than any other time of year. First of all, there is Auburn football. That alone makes me think of my daddy like nothing else. And, now that I'm married to an Alabama man, I do not get as excited about the games like I used to when dad was alive. I just want Auburn to win every game in memory of him. Oh boy, did he know how to yell when they didn't do so well! We lived in the country, but both neighbors on either side could hear him yell! I like to think that all of the wins against Alabama are for him.

Second, his birthday was November 22, and he died on November 8th. My parent's anniversary was/is November 26th, and somehow, the fall just makes me think of him like nothing else, and I miss him SO much! I am very aware of his faults, but there are so many things I would like to ask him all of the time. He was one of the smartest people I've ever known, and I loved to have an intellectual conversation with him about the bible, politics, controversies. There are so many things I would like to undo or redo about our time together, but he was gone in a moment. I miss you, Dad!

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  1. First of all...I LOVE the new blog layout...sooo cute! Second, I feel the same way and was sharing almost the exact words with mom the other day. The Fall has always been a favorite of mine and then daddy died during the fall and it all changed. I miss daddy sooo much and wish like you to have one more conversation, one more hug, one more laugh, heck I would even take one more yell. I definitely miss him during the football games. I got teary eyed at the game tonight cause the last time I can remember talking to daddy about auburn football was after the LSU game in 2004, the next week he was gone. I like you, feel like every win against bama is for daddy! I love ya and hope ya'll have a great rest of the weekend!!!


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