Thursday, September 18, 2008

Blog Disclaimer

I've been thinking. This blog is about me, my family life, and my struggles with the things that happen day to day. I just wanted to say that I am in no way attempting to say that my life is harder than anyone's life who may be reading this blog.

With the exception to this blog, I am usually a listener. (I have found my self becoming more of a talker and interrupter too.) Oftentimes, as I listen, I hear people telling me that their life is so hard and has to be oh so much harder than mine because of this and that. It is as if their words and actions tell me that they think their life is the only life that matters. It may be true that their life is harder but they or I can never know for sure unless we trade lives.

I wanted to say that invariably we all have hardness and difficulties in our lives. It is however wrong to belittle someone else's life in favor of your own. So, if you are reading my blog, know that I do not find my situation to be more difficult or your life less worthy than mine. It seems silly, but something that I feel needs to be said. I tell my story in hopes of encouraging someone else and just because I need to have an outlet I can call my own, and this is it.


  1. What I'm trying to say with this disclaimer is that we all deserve a fair chance to be heard. We all by the fact that we were created by God are important!

    I do not want my blog and said problems to overshadow the importance of anyone else and their problems.

  2. That's very true that we can never know whose life is harder until we trade lives. I agree with you 100%!


I love to receive your thoughts. I am blessed and encouraged by them. May God bless your day today!


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