Monday, September 29, 2008

What will I forget this week?

So since I've started bible study I forget something every week. The first week I forgot an extra set of clothes for Princess in case she had an accident. She did. The second week I forgot my bible and bible study and had to rush home for it. I also put Princess's cup in Pea's bag, and his in hers. The third week I left Pea's sippy cup at home. I had prepared it, but I gave it to Pea before we left, and then he, of course, left it somewhere, and I forgot about it. I bet the childcare workers were wondering why she had a cup and he did not. So the naked truth is that sometimes I am scattered, and that's okay with me. I've come to accept it, even though I like to be put together (maybe not in appearance, but in organization).

So what do you think I will forget this week? And, what are some of the silliest "forgets" you've had?

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  1. Today I took off my wedding band while in the car during lunch. When I got ready to get out of the car, I reached over to the passenger seat, where I thought I had left it, and it wasn't there. I looked under the junk in the seat, and still didn't find it. I then commenced a 45 minute excavation of the entire vehicle before seeing that I had placed it on the release button of the hand brake.


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