Monday, September 29, 2008

Obama's Neighborliness

Every now and then, Daniel picks up a free "black & white" newspaper. It usually has some interesting stories in it, and we are able to keep up with the happenings around town that way - not that we are very hip and cool, but if we see something family oriented, we might try to go.

This week I found an interesting article called, "Seeing Through Obamanomics" by Jeff Jacoby of the Boston Globe. I've got to admit that I have not been following the campaigns as closely as I should until recently, and even then, I've been lacking.

I thought this knowledge about Obama was very eye opening, and I hope to find out about the same information about McCain and Palin after reading this.

Here's the news. Obama's economic plan hopes to cut taxes for those of us who make less than $250,000 a year and raise the taxes for those who make more than $250,000. It is kinda like in simple layman's terms - the Robin Hood effect. Take from the rich to give to the poor. He considers it as he called it "neighborliness."

However, Jacoby goes on to give his readers very valuable information. In the years 2000-2004, the Obama family averaged nearly $250,000 in their income. But, their charitable donations amounted to an average of roughly $2,000 a year, which turns out to less than 9/10's of 1%. How about that for information? for truth? And then, in 2005, when he began to have "presidential possibility", they began to be more "neighborly" giving only 5.5% of their income to charity.

When I read it to Daniel, he said that Rick & Bubba were saying the same thing about Biden.

So how much do McCain and Palin give to charity and when did it start?

To think that an average family like ours gives more to charity than Obama or Biden is very hard to stomach. I hardly see how his compaign is based on TRUTH, as God's truth, if he doesn't really practice what he preaches!

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