Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Yucky Day

I was going to post something about my day yesterday and how I got to spend time with my old college bud, Kari, and her little girl, Laynie, but alas, today's post is about today instead.

The whole day was a little off, so I'll give you a taste.

First of all, I woke up early before the kids and got out of bed thinking yay bible study day. We will have a great day. I got in the shower, checked my email, and then progressed to get the kids up and feed them breakfast. I got their cups and snack ready for childcare. I got one of my trusty green publix shopping bags to carry their bags and mine in along with my bible study. However, I forgot to put my bible and the study in the bag. They were left on the couch, and I did not discover this until I had dropped the kids off at church. So I had to rush home to get my study.

I made it back to bible study. Then, not to disgust everyone, but just to tell you the craziness, I scratched my arm, and it started bleeding seriously. So I got up to take care of the bleeding when I knocked over my water cup on the bible study table and water got all over my book and bible. Yay for me.

Get back in the room and Beth Moore is talking about the Lion of Judah, which you know, I'm still trying to decide about the dream. And then I was thinking it may have something to do with granny's healing, and I was very confused, but God spoke to me, but I was oh, so scattered.

Upon leaving bible study, my mom greeted me at my car to go to lunch as she was headed to my sister's house. Then she tells me that my sister has had a setback in her nursing class, and I am disappointed alongside my sister, not in my sister, but in the setback itself. But of course, my mom reminds me of the advice I've given in the past about persevering and such, but I still feel yucky for my sister.

I proceed to tell mom about my updated thoughts on the dream even though I'm not really sure yet what it means. I should've been quiet. She tells me her ideas. And the more I think about it, the more I don't feel at peace with what I've said because the dream with was so personal to me. So I leave my mom feeling extremely yucky and defeated. But I'm supposed to be "believing God."

My mom always calls with newsflashes as soon as she knows something new, so she called me twice on her way to Jenn's, one to tell me a crazy and awful story about my grandfather and two to tell me that granny probably has cervical cancer.

Then I had to spank Princess THREE times in a row. Pea takes a very short nap and proceeds to cry steadily after getting up. Daddy came home and he proceeded to spank Princess twice. We go to the park - she gets another spanking, and has to stop playing altogether and just watch brother and then go home and go to bed early. And no ice cream for her or us either. I don't like being disciplined because my child needs it. SIX spankings in one day, and we generally spank as a last resort.

In this absolutely crazy hard life, there is only one constant - God. The God of the Universe, the God who created me, my family, my children, who is in control even when I feel as though the world is spiraling more and more out of control. He holds it steady. He is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow, and I can count on that. He is unchangeable. Thank You, Lord, for that. The "Lion of Judah" is a God that is not to be messed around with. God has many character traits, and the "Lion of Judah" is the portion of God that is all powerful, all consuming, very big, huge, and powerful. I hope to learn more in my "Believing God" study this week because we are studying, "God is who He says He is," and I will come to know more of who God is. I am so thankful to have a God who relates who takes me on a journey, even if at times a difficult one. If it is not a bumpy ride then I am not able to share in the victories and pains of Christ, and as I mentioned in this post, it all matters, and with Christ, I can have abundant life even though the road is bumpy!


  1. Sorry you had a yuck day Jamie... I would go back and read the post prior to it. Miss you!

  2. I had a yucky week too but i have felt this urge to fight all week. Fight for my quiet time, fight for peace during homeschooling, fight to get things taken care of and my ducks in a row, fight to have a good attitude, fight to share the gospel with others. I have pondered this idea of fighting and have realized Paul did alot of it. My usual instinct is to curl up in a ball and cry but God has had alot to say about fighting this week. Epapharas wrestled in prayer, Paul fought the good fight, David battled for the Lord. So my sister, I encourage you to fight the good fight. Continue to grapple with His Word and wrestle in prayer and know that their is at least one old friend who is praying for you--me~! (and i am sure their are others.) What Beth Moore Bible Study are you doing?


I love to receive your thoughts. I am blessed and encouraged by them. May God bless your day today!


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