Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Reading and Teaching

Princess has always LOVED to read - it is her very favorite thing to do. If Pea was not around, I'm afraid all we would do is read books all day long.

Pea, however, has been more busy, less inclined to want to read. In the beginning, I did not worry about it because I knew that he was hearing the books I read to Princess. But somewhere around the age of 6 months to 8 months, I felt like it was time to impress upon him the importance of books. I was just persistant with it, because I'm the mom, the teacher. The kids do not get to decide what is the most important thing. I say this because some moms do let the kids decide - they only do what the child likes.

Very quickly, Pea developed favorites, and became picky about what he wanted to hear and when. Now, as busy as he has always been, he of his own choosing will stop moving to pick up a book and look at it! Children, especially babies, LOVE to learn.

This morning he said banana. I am SO proud of him.

One thing I know is true from the reading concept is that it is never too early to teach. Kids learn more while they are young than when they are older. They are sponges, so teach them values, tell them about God. It is said that values are developed by age 9, and the most formative years before age 5. That is why it is so important to me to get Princess to obey.

When we were training Princess, we did not feel that spankings were appropriate before ~18 months. But as I've read and gained wisdom, I now disagree. I believe spankings are appropriate whenever a child or baby begins to knowingly defy the parent. I strongly recommend "Shepherding a Child's Heart" by Ted Tripp. It is a great resource on parenting.

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  1. That is a great book. Joey and I read it last year and gleaned alot from Mr. Tripp. Being a reading teacher, I have to agree with you, read, read, read. I read to both kids from the beginning.


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