Saturday, August 30, 2008

He Loves Me, too!

Yesterday was a fabulous day. I had to go to the doctor, and I will spare you the details on that, but I prayed for every detail from the parking spot to my desire to get my hair cut, where and when. Now, I do NOT think that God is a drive thru service where we can order what we want and get it, but I do know that He really does care about the details. God answered. When you ask the question, "Is anybody out there?", God ALWAYS answers. He is the one in whom I needed to answer the question anyhow. He is there - He cares. He sees me, and He loves me.

Yesterday, I feel as though He gave me a real treat when I went to get my hair done. First of all, my usual copay for my doctor's appt was already credited to me. I don't know how this happened, but I'll let God take the credit for it. And then, since my doctor's appt was early, I decided to walk into a fancy salon and see if they had any openings. They did, with one of their "top" hair artists. And even though they were closed when I walked up to the door, they let me in and treated me as if I, me, Jamie, was a princess. Now, nobody treats me like a princess. I would love to be somebody, but I am simply average, not well to do, not beautiful, not well dressed, not a good conversationalist, nothing that would get you noticed. But, they honestly treated me as if I was their special guest. Maybe I looked like a vagabond, I don't know, but nonetheless, I felt special. I had prayed to be able to get my haircut, and the receptionist and the stylist both said that this particular stylist rarely has openings and rarely is able to take walk-ins. Too me, it was, God saying, "Jamie, You are Special to Me, and You are My Princess. Of course, I know you are tired and worn out. Here is my Gift to You for the moment." The stylist ended up being a friend of a friend, and she charged me $10 less than the usual price. Amazing, and only because of our AWESOME God! I was in tears as I came home because I was so thankful to see God in all of it. I truly could not THANK Him enough.

And, my mom gave Princess the gift of a haircut too, and she also felt special and was almost perfect all day because she felt so wonderful.

Today, life is back to normal. My husband races go-karts occasionally, and today was a race day. Pea wanted to get in a go-kart too. If I could, I would totally try to redirect him, but since all of Daniel's family are racers, I doubt there is little I can do about it. Thankfully, he is only 1, and he can't do it yet.

Both Princess and Pea decided to come down with diarrhea while we were at the track, and Princess got it all over her clothes, so she sat in the car with only a shirt and a pullup. Actually Pea got it on him too because daddy was trying to help and got poop on the baby instead, so on the way home, he wore only a diaper. To top it off, I got to look as redneck as I possibly could because on the way home, I had to stop at a gas station to go, and had to drag in 2 scantly dressed kiddos. Then when we headed back to the house, Pea pooped again, and it was all over his carseat. Remember, he had nothing but a diaper on! So I changed him, cleaned his seat as best as I could until I got home, and then changed Princess!! Of course, hubby was still at the race track, so it was just me, God, and these 2 kids. I give a total hands up, kuddos, to any single moms out there. If you are doing even a half way decent job, you really are a hero!

But, to me, I simply could not do anything without the Savior. I am so glad I have a relationship with Him.

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  1. Jamie, I read your blog and just had to leave a comment. You made me cry!!! You said you would love to be a somebody, well you are!!! You are soooo much more than you think you are! You are so not just simply average. You are amazingly above average in everything you do. I have always looked up to you, because to me you are GREAT!!! You are my role model! I look up to you, you have always been there for me and loved me and been the only person in my life that gives me good sound advice. Without you and God I would probably be a mess!! You are SOOOO Beautiful inside and out!!! I have always thought soooooo. You are Well Dressed, remember I would always try to steal your clothes and you are a GREAT conversationalist. You know how to tell a story, you are very smart and well rounded. I love reading your blog and look forward to it everyday because the way you tell the stories makes me feel that I am there with ya'll and it makes the distances between us seem small. I love you soooo much and I don't want you to ever feel like you describe in recent blogs!! You are a Princess!!! And people do notice you because of who you are, the daughter of Christ.


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