Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Shining the Light

So one blog a day might be tough stuff. I am feeling totally uninteresting and mindless this evening. As I was preparing to blog, my computer froze up. Maybe that was its way of telling me, Jamie, tonight, you have nothing to say anyway. Please turn off the computer, and try again later. But, being the persistant bugger that I am, I had to see if I could fix the problem and attempt to blog anyway. Besides, without getting into predestination and all of that, isn't it God who determines my path anyway, and the only way I wasn't getting on this computer was if He stopped the computer.

Today we went to visit our pediatrician, who we love - Dr. Darby at Greenvale Pediatrics. It was E's 12 month appt, even though he is already 13 1/2 months. (We went to the beach instead of his regularly scheduled appt.) He is so tiny for his age at only a whopping 5% on the weight charts!! I certainly don't prefer that he is so small, but the doc assures me that he is fine. I hope so! Actually, it was all part of my plan. Starve my children as infants, so they will never be picky and eat all their veggies the rest of their lives for fear of starving! I am just kidding, but it is interesting to me how much food my kids eat in the the 2nd year of life. Both A & E can eat as much as Daniel or me sometimes!

When I was little, we had a going to the doctor routine where me, my mom, and my granny all went to visit my doctor and then we ate lunch at a special restaurant with giant lollypops. I was thinking that I need a special going to the doctor routine for my kids. Does anyone out there have such a routine? and what do you do?

Today we went to Target after the visit, and I let the kids get the free cookies. It seems moms are either totally for this or totally against this. I mean I think some moms really hate the kids who eat cookies. What do you think - do you have an opinion? I guess I would be of this opinion if I was an outsider watching my A. She dropped the last little bit of her cookie on the ground as we were leaving, and I think she screamed so loud her daddy could have heard her in the office building next door! My A is really quite moody, and even though it used to be a secret, because she used to be publicly well behaved, the truth is starting to come out! So much for the concept of hating all eyes on you - I simply no longer have a choice as a mom!!

I guess though, that is really a good thing. All eyes are watching even though I don't realize it or at times want it, but God made His people to shine the light into a dark world, and as one of His children, I hope I am shining His light, which means I'm going to get noticed, especially when I don't want to be noticed. Oh, how careful I must be to respond in a manner that would be pleasing to the Father, that the world may know Him.

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