Sunday, August 24, 2008

Going to Visit Levi

So A and I left Friday and headed to Augusta, GA. No, actually, we headed to N. Augusta, SC, to visit my best friend from AU's new baby, Levi, and of course, his parents, Lindy and Kevin. A and I had good trips out there and back. She managed to stay dry all the way there, and all of the stops didn't slow us down too much either.

She loved Levi and was so sweet with him - kissing him and gently patting his little arms. She has always been fascinated with little fingers, hands, and arms, but she was very gentle.

It was fun being around another little baby. Lindy said I was going to get the baby fever, and though I would love to be a new mama again, I know I am not quite ready for it yet. If I could have one as easy as Levi, I might do it right away. He is a very good baby. He only cries when he is hungry or sometimes sleepy or wants to be held a little bit. And he is mostly alert throughout the day too.

It was a great time. It was nice to have A all to myself and know what kind of things we would be doing all day if it was still just she and I (reading and dressing up) without brother, but I so missed my little E and daddy too.

While I was gone, E said both "book" and "juice." I think his vocabulary is quite impressive, though probably only mommy and daddy would be able to recognize his words. We knew that A knew a lot at the same age, because she knew all of her animal sounds and all of her body parts. She obeyed commands and could point to pictures we asked her too. E rarely does any of that, but we know that he knows almost as much, but instead, he uses the words a little better.

As, an aside, A was been doing great going poo poo in the potty. We are very excited about this!

Lindy and I used to be roomies before she left, and I miss her all the time, but it was so much fun to visit her and her family. I haven't been to see her since she was married because shortly after I got pregnant with A and traveling has been limited. Thanks, Daniel, for letting me take off with A to visit her and for taking such good care of our little E. I can't wait for E to meet Levi - they share the same birthday!
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