Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Trip to the Dentist

I meant to take a pic of A while in the dentist's office, but I forgot while we were in there, so I just took these of her when we got back to the car. This was her fourth trip to the dentist, and her third time to have her teeth professionally cleaned. She has always been a great patient and loves to go to the dentist. She always remembers getting the prizes and wanted to know if she would get another ball this time before we went. This time she was big enough to get a token to put in the prize machine, and she won a croc decoration. In these pics, she is wearing her dentist t-shirt. Our dentist has this point system, and every time you wear your shirt to your appt, you get extra points to use for "bucks" later on, for prizes I suppose. We visit Dr. Baker and think he is great. Next time we go, E will get his teeth checked for the first time!
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