Monday, February 9, 2009

Some profound truths

which really add up to be one in the same truth that God has been reitterating in my life:

  1. In the book, "Multiple Blessings," Kate Gosselin writes, "I learned that being the mother of six infants I was going to need to tend to the most critical problems first; from that point on, Collin and Aaden received most, if not all, of my "liquid gold." I took this "milk lesson" to heart, knowing that I, just like the milk, could easily be of little good to anyone if I spread myself too thin. I was most helpful if I gave my full attention to whoever needed me the most at any given time."
  2. Last night we looked at Esther in our small group, which is separate from my Beth Moore study. We were discussing how we can be Esthers and "make the most of every opportunity" (Col. 4:5). I said that sometimes it is hard to see opportunities when you are a stay at home mom, except for the children. To which Brandon replied with a story that I do not remember exactly, but the gist was that sometimes you make better disciples when you only invest in one or two rather than six, eight, or two hundred, so that perhaps my disciples are my children and that's all God has called me to do at this time in my life, considering that no other doors have opened yet.
  3. I'll give a plug for another blog I read, Desiring God, to this post in particular. Again, I cannot meet all of my children's needs, because I cannot even know all of the needs. However, God does and He can.
  4. And a few months ago I was having an email conversation with a friend. We only chat via email. We met at a playgroup while I was pregnant with Pea, (I've only seen her once since), but God has used her to encourage me. I had requested prayer and this was what she emailed me in response:
"So having four kids and managing it all is a is quite clumsy and chaotic! Most people who observe the first few times around us are overwhelmed and probably don't want so many kids. Once you are around long enough, you see the grace and beauty of having four kids. No, I will never be able to give them ample one on one time, but God gave me peace. No, their needs are never met as promptly, but God gives them peace! I feel like the greatest gift I can give my children is the knowledge that they are not the center of the universe, nor does it revolve around them. From early on they had to deal with patiently waiting for me to tend to their needs. They had to patiently share toys with siblings. God's grace abounds in their hearts because they need it! They need God's help to love and share with their siblings. The greatest gift my children have is the knowledge that they need God. They don't need me-I can't do it all. They don't need friends-they aren't always available. They don't need family-they have their own needs. Of course thriving involves a healthy balance of all these gifts God gave us all. But my kids do not rely on any earthly thing or person too heavily because they have never had the luxury! Any problem or situation we point their hearts to God through prayers, forgiveness, asking for help, etc. Daily I see the things my children go without, but I know and have seen God meet their needs (according to his riches in glory)!!! I rely on God to manage and enjoy the life I asked for and the one he gave me. I am teaching my children to do the same. In the end, what more can you ask for?!?"

I only have two kids, but I struggle with meeting their needs. God is telling me that He can meet the needs that I cannot meet and that is is indeed okay. He knows that I cannot do it all! What a comfort and blessing this is, especially as I've had trouble making peace with having a third one in knowing how chaotic I already feel at times.

However, a second question came to my mind. Is this blog a watered down version of discipleship since I cannot fully speak with all of you? or is it indeed a worthy way to use my time for His glory? Your thoughts?

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