Saturday, February 14, 2009

The last few days

have been busy.

Tuesday of this week I was overwhelmed and stressed. Overwhelmed with a child who has been sick for 7 weeks. Worried about the other child who has grown distant and uncommunicative. Wondering if I could possibly have another child in the midst of these two. Wanting to go on a mission trip, but not knowing if it is part of God's plan or how that would work.

Wednesday we finally got into the doctor to find out that Pea has a double ear infection. Hallelujah! Finally, we can take medicine for it, and hopefully he will get better. Unlike Princess whose body immediately rejected the idea of an ear infection (when she had her only one a few years ago) with an extremely high fever, Pea's body was slow to react with almost no fever at all. The power went out at 1:15 pm, while my sister was visiting. The kids napped as usual, but the power was still not on by dinner time, so we went out to eat at Taziki's. We did not get to see Lost this week, as the power came on as I predicted right on the dot of 9 pm. The kids had fun in the candlelight anyway.

Thursday, I went to the Mommy Connection for some much needed mommy time and encouragement. I am not insane after all. Parenting really is hard for others too. Then after nap time I drove to my mom's and back to drop the kids off, so Daniel and I could have a date. We went to Sol y Luna and had a great time. Stress and the air of depression were still lingering on me, so it was nice to be refreshed with him.

Friday, I went back to my mom's to take the kids to visit the grandparents. My grandmother was very sick, and we did not get to visit with her. I went to the grocery store after the kid's went to bed. Later, Daniel and I talked more about my worries.

Today, Saturday, daddy made breakfast for the family. We gave each other Valentine's. Pea was happier and definitely getting better. Thank the Good Lord! Then daddy went to referee Upward as usual. We met him up there and let the kids see part of a game. Then we had a Valentine's family lunch. Naptime for Pea. Quiet time for Princess. Then a 1st birthday party that Princess and I attended. Then playing outside with the neighbor kids. Then we babysat the C&Z! What a fun filled long day we had.

Tomorrow, we hope to keep the kids in Sunday school. Go to our own Sunday school. Have nap time and then go to Life Group as usual.


I love to receive your thoughts. I am blessed and encouraged by them. May God bless your day today!


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