Wednesday, February 18, 2009

He did what?

In our kitchen, we have a pub table with tall chairs like the one seen in the photo with Pea in it. Yes, yesterday, my Pea climbed up to his booster seat. Luckily I was there or he would have been severely hurt.

This morning he climbed out of his crib and landed with a thud in his bedroom. I guess it is time for a big boy bed for him!

He also wandered away from me at the library as he has absolutely no fear of anything. I was momentarily terrified, but sighed with relief when I heard him say, "Yay!" as he put his newly checked out book into the returned books bin.

I already have to watch him like a hawk - what kind of eyes will I have to get now? I have always been anti-leash, but now I am thinking of buying one. At least he will be safe. Got any thoughts?

Princess was a piece of cake compared to Pea in regards to obeying and staying right by my side when she was that age (and still). Emotionally, even though he is quick tempered, Pea is a piece of cake compared to her.

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