Monday, February 2, 2009

Identity Crisis! (with Lost John Locke) part 1

I have been having an identity crisis, and this blog post is going to take a while to write due to all of the details I want to share, so bear with me. Hopefully you will enjoy the read and be able to ask yourself the questions I am asking myself. This is part 1 of two parts.

First I want to tell you about the character John Locke from Lost. If you've never seen this show, you can skip the details about him, and you should really look into watching it - it's the best written show on television.

John Locke is my least favorite character on Lost. I will spare you all the details from the show just to give a few highlights. When the plane crashed on the island, he was in a wheelchair paralyzed from the waist down and upon crashing, he was miraculously healed and was able to walk again. He is classified as "the man of faith" and fought for leadership over the crashees. Lost tells stories about each character out of sequence, but here are some things I have gathered about John Locke over the course of his life for the rest of you Losties who read my blog too.
  • he was born out of wedlock to a young teenager who wanted him but abandoned him.
  • he was born premature and had to struggle to survive.
  • he lived in and out of foster care all of his life.
  • when he was a young boy, he was visited by Richard Alpert and chose the knife but thought about choosing the compass (I think)
  • when he was a teenager he was chosen to go to a special school that I think may have been run by the Others (Richard Alpert), a science camp, but he denied going because he wanted to be popular, an athlete like the other kids.
  • he gave his kidney to his con-man father and continued to chase his father even after he found out that his dad conned him to get his kidney.
  • he was part of a combine, religous cult type group.
  • his father actually pushed him out of the window and caused his paralysis.
  • he wanted his con-man father's love over his girlfriend's.
This is who he was before coming to the island. If you don't know how John Locke relates to me, then I am very glad!!! But's here's my very short character analysis - he wants to be loved, accepted, and he pretends to be somebody he is not. He is not comfortable in his own skin and wants to be somebody other than who he is created to be. Aside from accepting God's love, perhaps if he had accepted the way he was designed instead of trying to be something he was not designed to be, he might have had a few more friendships.

Come back to tomorrow to hear about Esther and the rest of the identity crisis....

To pass the time, be thinking about how you too try to be something you are not. Do you help or hinder others in being who they are created?


  1. I have to admit that I'm a little distracted from the main intent of this post by your comment that Locke is your least favortie character. Sure, he's made some dumb moves, but... - actually, I'm not sure who I'd pick as less likable than him.

    ANYWAY - whether I help or hinder people from becoming who God created them to be is an excellenet question that I need to ponder.

  2. Well, I suppose I should have left that sentence out, really, but to identify with John Locke is a big deal, because I really don't like him, maybe because I'm a lot like him. Maybe because he wants to be accepted so bad it drives me insane, I don't know. I guess I am just starting to figure him out, so in the end, I might love him the most.

  3. PS. While I told this whole story to Daniel, and it all made perfect sense at the time, I am afraid this blog is not going to make sense to anyone but me, but I hope somebody can follow my crazy insane logic.

  4. I didn't see Seasons 3 & 4, so I haven't seen as much of John's background. The Season 5 premiere gave me a little more.... anyway, I guess you are right. The island accepted John in a way by healing his paralysis. On the island he is capable and has authority. He's done a lot to show that he cares about people, but then again other things to make me not trust him... definitely a mystery....

    I think we believe all kinds of lies about who we are. Over my life, I believe I have hurt and helped in this regard.


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