Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Yes, Pea's vocabulary is expanding by leaps and bounds. He says many many words these days. Of course, Daniel, Princess, and I may be the only ones who understand. He has now learned to say, "no," which should not be a surprise since I probably say it to him numerous times a day.

"No, don't stand on the couch."
"No, don't hit your sister."
"No, don't run toward the ledge in our yard."
"No, that's not a ball. Don't throw it."

And in times of plain desperation, I simply say, "NOOOOO!" So, now I will get to hear "no" over and over again too. Due to the vocabulary mastery, little Pea appears to have an opinion on everything, and he can express it. However, the good thing is that he can also say, "yes!" And he does. Occasionally.

Me: Do you want a banana? Pea: "yesh"
Me: Any food? Pea: "yesh"
And he says "please," "thank-you," and attempts to say, "I'm sorry." Isn't it so cute!

Comparatively speaking, this is about the same timeframe in Princess's life when she was gaining another sibling and her vocabulary was leaping off the page each day too. I can't imagine Pea gaining another sibling now.

If we do have a third, I do pray Pea can go to the potty easier than Princess. I am learning as a mom and teacher though. I should have majored in family and child development, because I have to go to the library regularly to learn how to teach my children. Who knew?

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