Sunday, January 2, 2011

Stones of Remembrance 2010

Last year I set up Stones of Remembrance and decided to do it again this year.

1.  I started to relax and have more fun being a mom!
2.  How to give yourself a pedicure when preggers.
3.  I was on the big screen at church, but never saw it.
4.  We had a new addition to our family - little DoodleBug
5.  Speed Racer turned 3.
6.  My husband turned 35.
7.  I lost a lot of weight.
8.  Speed Racer started to school.
9.  I got a tetanus shot.
10.  I finally wrote about my dad.
11.  My daughter survived a golf cart accident.  I tried to write about this, but just could NOT find the words, so you are only getting this little blurb.
12.  I got a little too personal.
13.  Princess turned 5.  

This was a nice peaceful year - a year in which I learned that I need to ask more to receive more.  I'm just a person - not too wise, maybe interesting, maybe not, that is very SLOW in all my thoughts, and I need time to think before I speak or write or blog.  I like being a mom of 3.  I'm still learning so many things, one of which is accepting the things I cannot change.  I'm not nearly as serious or as stuffy as I appear to be - just living and hoping to glorify Him in all that I do.  I hope 2011 can be as peaceful and even more fun than 2010.

Marriage:  better than ever before
Princess:  becoming confident and funny
Speed Racer:  whiny, but adorable and always loving
DoodleBug:  sweet as a peach, pulling up and beginning to crawl at the end of 2010

I feel loved and blessed.


  1. I just found your blog via the Alabama Bloggers site. Happy New Year! It sounds like 2010 was great for you, I hope 2011 holds the same and better.
    I look forward to following along!

  2. Hey there! I'm glad you had some many wonderful blessings in 2010. I'm still keeping up with you, if but from a distance. It's so strange that I'm going to enter that mommy-world you are so deep into! I really can't picture how it's going to be!

    Hope you have a great day. :)


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