Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Joyful Day

4.  Though it was in the wee hours of the morning when I wrote my first 100 joys post, I climbed back into bed.  I find joy in my husband's warmth beside me and the hand that he places on my side every night until I go to sleep.

5.  Joy in the thunder of little feet on the floor as they came down the stairs this morning, Daniel and I still asleep in the bed.

6.  My baby who snuggles close to me to nurse - warm Christmas pajamas and blankets and the boppy too.

7.  Joy in my children's faces as they run through the cold windy air into the church building.

8.  Riding in the car and listening to the children sing Christmas songs and praises to the One who matters most.

9.  My sister who struggles but makes an effort to be involved in my children's lives despite her own desire and pain of struggling with infertility. She drove at least an hour and a half here and then back just to celebrate my daughter's 5 year old birthday party.  Her ability to always join me in whatever I'm doing to get the job done quicker.  She will be a great mommy one day.  I wish she could know how much I love her and pray for her and the joy that God desires for her.

10.  Nanas and grandmaws and aunts and friends who visit Princess for her birthday.

11.  Talking to mommies about mommy things and wondering together how best to assist our kids in knowing about Christ through choices we make about movies and TV and things like that.

12.  Tacos and Captain D's and birthday cake and Chex muddy buddies.

13.  And laughter from Princess as she watches the Harlem Globe Trotters lose their pants just now and her wanting me to write about it.

14.  For friends and email responses that make me smile.

15.  For baby smiles and scooting around on blankets.

16.  For baptisms of friend's children, for God's unique creation in the children.  For the baptism of a friend and for the friend who lead her to Christ.  These things bring me great joy.  Their story brings me happiness and hope.

17.  For advent calendars and celebrating Christ whose birth was amazing.  For pastors and teachers who help me to see the story anew.  For the word of God dwelling among us.  For that tiny baby boy - the King of KINGS yet who came in the most humblest of ways - no royal throne, no robes, no crown jewels, no place to call home, born to an engaged couple.  He was the only One who has ever deserved any fanfare.  Though he was visited by the Magi as a child, ultimately, He would be mocked, tortured, and crucified for ME.  Joy?  What greater joy could I have but for this?

Yes, today was a fun day, a happy joyful day, a day that joy was easy to find.  May each day approaching Christmas find even more joy in it.  Please join me in finding your joys in your days.  Join Sarah in blogging or tweeting or leave me a comment here on your joys.

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