Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Speed Racer

My little man is 3 today!

 Fresh out of the oven!

Princess seeing him for the first time

3 weeks

First Birthday!

Hiding in a box on his 1st birthday!

He's 2!

Brother and sister when he was 2!

At 2!

Almost 3!

Getting to see Mr. Potato Head at Chick-Fil-A! (almost 3)

My how things have changed over the years!  A new baby sister!


  1. What sweet kiddos! I love looking at the pics! Thanks for your recent blog responses. Pertaining to format-I just decided to change it last week. I had really been feeling out of sorts with everything and needed to get some things organized and the blog was included. : ) I love your blog as is, but if you are evaluating and reflecting (as I was) do what you think you need to, I will be tuned in regardless of what you do with it, because its about you (and your walk with Jesus), and life and everything is pointed to Christ-even in the celebration of family and milestones, etc. : )Its encouraging and challenging and fun-so thank you for sharing, however you do it : )

  2. Also, I was just noticing the money saving blogs-I love me some Southern Savers! The last few months of couponing has been fabulous, been meaning to blog about that but have had so many things going on that i have been talking about instead. I am COUPON crazy! : )


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