Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Proof that I Have Heathens

Generally, this is how my day goes. My hubby gets up first, showers, and goes to work, and I am still in bed when he leaves. He kisses me goodbye, and I get up when I hear my kids begin making noise on the baby monitor. Today I did not hear them on the monitor. BAD! BAD! There was destruction going on that I did NOT know about. So I got up and took a shower. When I got out of the shower, I heard the kids singing, "Go tell it on the mountain." This made me smile, and as I was getting dressed, I heard them playing "Jonah and the whale." Princess was telling Speed Racer that the boat was going to crash. Again, I smiled, and I didn't think much of it. Then I went to get the kiddos ready for the day. This is what I saw:

only before I took the picture my son was nested inside of the top drawer that is open, pretending to be Jonah in a boat. And yes, every stitch of clothing that was in that dresser was now on the floor.

Only a few weeks ago, during the holiday break, we had put Speed Racer in his bed for naptime. And then, a little while later, we heard a great big kaboom. We can only guess that the following happened: 1. He climbed onto the dresser. 2. He fell behind it. 3. He pushed said dresser over. Yes, you read it right; he pushed the dresser over. Daniel spent the rest of the evening securing the dresser to the wall so that there would be no next time and that he would not kill himself with the dresser.

What used to be just a storage area for clothes has now become some sort of jungle gym since we put twin beds in the bedroom. I placed Speed Racer as the ultimate culprit, but when I began investigating, Princess said that it was her idea to take all the clothes out.

The culprits:

So my mission for the day: to get the kids out of the house we've been cooped up in to run wild and free somewhere. My mission for the rest my life: to get up before the kids.


  1. I didn't know she'd used her nightgown as a skirt.

  2. I laughed out loud and then felt really bad about it! I, too, live these days where fort making and home disasters are priority on my children's lists. We must PERSEVERE! Haha. By the way I love their little mug shots. Cute little criminals. hee hee

  3. LOL!

    At least you got to take your shower in (false) peace before discovering what the day had waiting for you.


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