Sunday, January 9, 2011

Why I Write

Okay, so I know I went out on a limb in some ways with my last post. So I need to write some qualifiers. Writing is risky. Anytime you are honest, you are risking a whole lot - that you won't be accepted or understood, that no one will identify. Truly sharing your real self is HARD and RISKY. So you only get snippets of me on this blog. I try to give you a very good glimpse of myself on here, but you cannot make assumptions about anything on here about what I mean. I mean what I say, and if it is not clear, then take my words into the context of all you know about me from my writing, and you should be able to ascertain pretty close what I mean. If you just don't know, you can ask me. Don't ask my momma; don't ask my sister; don't ask my husband or my kids. If you want to know, ask me. Do I make mistakes on this blog? Yes, I am human. Do I spend time thinking about what to write and if I should share it? Yes, I do. I have mentioned before that I am very slow. Slow to speak, slow to write, and slow at times to share. So I do it with purpose.

I write to:

1. Glorify God.
2. Process my thoughts and feelings. Writing helps me to refine the good and the bad emotions going on inside me and helps me understand why I feel the way I do about certain things. If I feel a negative emotion, writing often helps me to move past my negative emotion - to release it and move onto the good emotion.
3. Journal events and remember - to see how God is working in my life through differing circumstances
4. Aid discussions.

My writing is not intended to:

1. bring harm or unnecessary pain to any friend or family member.
2. be taken out of context.
3. manipulate others for my own gain.

Commandment 5 is Honor your Father and your Mother and You will live long on the earth. (my paraphrase) In my last post, I in no way intended to bring dishonor to my mother. I wrote about my mom potentially moving away. I did not write that for you to profit on that and use it for your benefit and to call her and ask if you could buy her house or to make inquiries into her personal business. If you haven't talked to her in a few months, then my posts should not cause you to decide to call her and inquire into her business. If you genuinely care about her and it caused you to think of her, well okay, go ahead and call her, but, and this is a big BUT, our actions convey our love for one another. What we've already done and have been doing show our care.


  1. Been there, JH... having someone take your words in a completely different context--sometimes in ways you never thought it could be taken--than what you meant, and then you have to decide to either back pedal or take a "whatever, that's not what i meant" attitude... either way, you lose. And for me, having done it for five and a half years and seen my style evolve and improve, its worse when you go back and read offending comments and then say, "Yeah, I can see where they got that... why did I say that again?" Thats the risk you take when you write.
    And I can feel your drama. If it means anything, I only dialed your moms house, but hung up when she answered.

  2. d$, haha! My mom lives in a small town. Everybody knows everybody's business. So in some ways I shoulda known better, but I really like my post, and I don't want to change it.


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