Saturday, January 30, 2010

Temporarily Closed

Inadvertently this has been one of the worst weeks of my life. All because I wrote something that hurt a lot of people's feelings. I already expressed that I was misunderstood. My blog was not written with the intent to hurt, but a second attempt at words was to no avail. I have failed and my words have failed. For that reason I will be taking a blogging break and a facebook break. I hope to return one day because writing my heart is something I am passionate about, but the portions of writing from my thoughts on here will now temporarily be closed. My goal was to encourage, and until I can be encouraging, I will no longer be writing. You may still find picture updates on here about my children, but for a while, that may be it.


  1. I just wrote a whole long comment, but lost it. Anyway, I'm sorry that you feel you cannot write. I think there is value in your transparency, but also consequences to it. Perhaps you have to find a balance if you want to blog honestly.

    "worst week of your life". Part of me wants to say, well good, that means it cannot ever be any worse and that could be comforting. Then another part of me thinks, no, it can always get worse. This can also be comforting because it makes you count your blessings. Either or neither way, I hope you find comfort. :)

    My recent blogging question: Why are these so many blogs about mommyhood, but not about marriage? Is mommyhood so much interesting, harder, or rewarding? Or is it just because you don't have to ask your children if they are ok with posting details about them?

  2. I am sorry to hear that you're going to take a hiatus! I just started following your blog, not long ago. I did read what you wrote, and I think I can relate to what you wrote.

    I feel so alone in my life. I am battling a fear that I will grow older and I will remain feeling lonely, indefinitely. I am not married. It's just me and my little girl (and our pets).

    My friends and sisters have their husbands and families, and I'm sure they'd be hurt & offended if I told them how I felt, but I feel a bit forgotten and neglected by them. I really do.

    I hope today and next week is much, much better for you. :-) Take care!

  3. Ok... I wrote this big long comment but erased it 'cause it was going nowhere... lol! Didn't even make much sense after I read it... basically I was trying to be encouraging, but considering that I have NO idea what happened on here... I thought it best to just leave it alone. :) Just know you have my sympathies and I hate that you are having such a yucky week! Girl... don't be too long before you start blogging again. You have been an encouragement to many people, me included. I think people need to hear what you have to say. ...thanks for coming by my blog and checking up on me. It really meant a lot!


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