Thursday, January 28, 2010

Addendum to Fear

I really stirred up something (not sure what) when I published my post on Fear. I am so not sure what to say about it, as I have posted on this more than a few times. I get lonely - I want more from relationships. I am in various stages with various friends, none of which yet have that comfortability that presents calling one another on a regular basis or calling when I am crying because I am hormonal. Folks, I am a hormonal pregnant woman whose emotions are hard to control. I really am somewhat crazy when I am pregnant as far as emotions go. I feel my emotions a lot more passionately than I do when not pregnant. And I am trying to keep it real on this blog. So yesterday, I had a relationship problem, a problem that I have had for a long time now, that deeply hurts. My emotions ran wild, and I went with it. I called my hubby, who was on his way to a basketball game, and I was longing for a second person I could call and cry to. I talked to my sister, but I was just wishing I had someone to hug me in that emotional moment. Later that night, bible study was simply women consoling another woman about fear. I was contemplating a simple statement made about me in relation to fear. I wrote the fear post early this morning with little editing, and I said "gripped by fear." I guess that sounds a lot stronger than I would have originally intended it to sound. I'm not sure how to respond, because I don't know where the controversy lies. All I know is that my post must not have come across in the way that I intended it.

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