Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Heathens Strike Again

If you remember this post, you will know that my children were using the dresser as a jungle gym. Speed Racer had actually broken the drawer he had climbed in, and so that left an empty hole in the dresser, which also left easy access to the clothes and easy access to climb on in. This is how I found him one morning.

For a whole week I battled the children and the dresser. Please know that it was not without discipline, but discipline that seemed to go no where fast. So finally Daniel got the drawer fixed, and we installed childproof safety locks on the drawers, which helped to solve the problem. I say helped because they can still, if they want, pull the drawer slightly open, and stick their grubby little hands in and pull clothes out onto the floor to make a mess. Thankfully, it seems to have lost its appeal.

A few days later, this is what I found them doing instead. They had moved into the bathroom and had taken every washcloth they could find, placed each one in the sink, soaked each one, and then sloshed them into the bathtub. Thankfully, that only lasted a day, and I actually got up before them on that day. It still did not help. Now, I am left to wonder, "What will they dream up next?" Obviously they are somewhat smarter than me....

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